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Metal AM is quite a complex field of engineering, and to make it successful it requires in depth knowledge and understanding of the minutest characteristics of the process. We design within AM every day, so our experience and knowledge is second to none. We have direct links into the largest AM manufacturers and design with them involved from the earliest stages. This approach ensures we maximise the design suitability from a performance and also a manufacturing perspective.

We have the latest optimisation software, and use it in earnest. We have software that will organically grow material within an envelope to satisfy the structural requirements. We also have software that enables us to introduce very complex internal structures for hollow parts. In an organisation it might not always be possible to put a case together to buy an optimisation package, like these, just for use in AM designed parts, and thus you might not be able to design a part making full use of the process. Even if you are able to buy these packages, without using them constantly, it may be difficult to keep up to date with them.

We use these software packages constantly, and as such we really know our way around them. We can utilise their capabilities when required and quickly.


You may have a large design office workforce, and a research and development facility, but can they produce results as fast as us? We have all the necessary expertise in one room, we can discretely conceptualise, develop and prove your product faster than you can seek approval from higher management for funding. In a world where a few weeks can make or break a product, it might be worth considering us.


You probably don’t have a dedicated research and development facility, but do have a large team of engineers. Unfortunately they are all tied up on products which will bring in profit for the company, and it may be a difficult sell to the board to get support to investigate this technology. If you come to us we will be able to provide the engineering workforce and expertise to ensure your project is successful, allowing you to concentrate on the core business, whilst we assist you in taking care of the future.


You definitely don’t have your own research and development team, and your engineering team are probably stretched to the limit, however you want to stay ahead of the game and utilise this technology for you continued success. We can help make this so, taking away all the trial and tribulation, and time required to fully learn and utilise this technology and deliver a working solution fast.

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